News Clips Jan. 28, 2010

Text of Obama’s State of the Union Address

Text of President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union speech on Wednesday, as provided by the White House:


OBAMA: Madam Speaker, Vice President Biden, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans:

Our Constitution declares that from time to time, the president shall give to Congress information about the state of our union. For 220 years, our leaders have fulfilled this duty. They’ve done so during periods of prosperity and tranquility. And they’ve done so in the midst of war and depression, at moments of great strife and great struggle.

Obama will invest billions in high-speed rail projects

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s State of the Union shout-out for high-speed rail will pump more than $8 billion into dozens of states that include California, Washington, North Carolina and Florida.

Smaller awards also will be made for improvements to existing rail lines. Overall, 31 states will receive funding.

California is one of the big winners, receiving $2.25 billion to help build a high-speed rail system, as well as additional money for other rail projects.

Obama to Hold Fla. Town Hall on the Economy

Fla. provides background for part of Obama’s economic agenda

President Barack Obama brings his efforts to shape a brighter economic future to the Sunshine State on Thursday.In the morning, Obama will fly out to Tampa, Fla., where he’ll tour a maintenance hangar and greet crew members who work on aircraft that refuel other planes midair. The KC-135 Stratotankers have been involved in refueling planes flying aid into Haiti.After that, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden hold a town hall meeting at the University of Tampa. There, they’ll announce $8 billion in funding for a national high-speed rail system, an initiative the White House says will create jobs.

A modern tale of meatpacking and immigrants

Grand Island, Neb., has long been a revolving door of immigrants, from Vietnamese and Bosnians to Latinos and Sudanese. But with Somali Muslims came a whole new set of conflicts.,0,6078807.story

Broke or homeless migrants heading for home

Hard times send Latinos home

Felipe Galvez left his wife and three children in Guatemala three years ago, working as a gardener and landscaper in Jamesport and hoping to provide a better life — and to someday build a house — for his family back home. That dream was cut short four months ago when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. When Mr. Galvez came to he found himself in a hospital bed, where he would stay for the next three months.

GOP Makes Pitch to Latinos, Forgets to Add Ideas, Says Democratic National Committee

WASHINGTON, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — DNC Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Iris Y. Martinez issued the following statement following Rep. Mario Diaz Balart’s (R-FL) Spanish-language response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:

“Going back to old, tired tricks, Rep. Diaz Balart tried to sell Latinos a Republican Party without a record. I know many of my constituents in Chicago would be thrilled to see real, meaningful gestures from Republicans to tackle our nation’s problems. When President Obama came to office, he took aggressive steps to bring this nation back from the brink of depression. And it hasn’t been easy. Even to this day, as the worst of the economic crisis has passed, too many Americans endure difficulties and other problems persist.

Denver’s TV market to get new Latino station

Denver, the nation’s 15th-largest Latino television market, is about to get another Spanish-language TV network.

The impending sale of Channel 53 to Liberman Broadcasting is likely to mean fierce competition for the area’s more than 234,000 Latino TV households, who comprise 15 percent of the market.

Channel 53, or KWHD, is currently owned by LeSea Broadcasting, which has carried a Christian religious format since its debut in 1992. Pending regulatory approval, Burbank, Calif.-based Liberman will program its new station with its Estrella TV, a Spanish-language TV network now in 24 markets nationally.

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Conference Seeks Latino Solidarity on Iimmigration Reform, Economy

About 400 participants will descend on El Paso to discuss immigration reform, climate change and the economy when the fourth annual National Latino Congresso begins Friday.

Antonio Gonzalez, president of the William C. Velasquez Institute, said immigration reform would be the most hotly debated of the topics. However, he said, the economy is what is on the minds of many Latinos.

Expanding U.S. economy through immigration beats shrinking

In an economy as bad as this one, it may take nothing short of disaster to bring about even a little immigration reform.

Responding to Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the Obama administration is providing Temporary Protected Status to undocumented Haitians living in the U.S. As many as 200,000 people will be invited to stay legally for 18 months, receiving work permits to find jobs.

Even that modest humanitarian gesture has rekindled an emotionally charged debate about whether immigrants hurt the economic prospects of Americans.

Telemundo: Hispanics Aware Of Census Process

As Telemundo counts on this year’s census to show growth among the Hispanic population — which could allow it to attract more advertising dollars — it has joined with Ipsos on a poll about Hispanics’ attitudes toward the counting process.

The Census Bureau is spending heavily on advertising that targets Hispanics, including on Telemundo, seeking to convince the population to fill out forms and participate in the process. Telemundo is also running its own campaign.


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