What: A re-activation of the historic Encuentro that will bring together top Hispanic/Latino leadership to germinate a Sustainable National Progressive Hispanic Future.

When: April 27-28, 2010. The event will tie-in with the Democracy Alliance National Conference during this same time period.

Where: Laguna Beach, California (The Montage Resort)

Why: In 2008, Latino votes made the difference; but an historic Hispanic progressive turnout in one electoral season is not enough. More than ever, we must build a sustainable, national progressive Hispanic majority that supports policies of inclusion‐‐a level playing field for all. Given this extraordinary moment in history‐‐a progressive national leadership, organized strategic funding mechanisms, and renewed hope and optimism‐‐we must sustain and grow the electoral gains we so recently won.

Encuentro Attendees: Forty prominent National Hispanic leaders will be invited to participate and will be accepted on a first come first served basis for the 25 available spots.

Democracy Alliance Attendees: The Alliance will have upwards of 100 participants in their conference along with its Board leadership including: Robert McKay, Anna Burger, Drummond Pike, Al Dwoskin, Dr. Gail Furman, James D. Gollin, Steven Phillips, Charles Rodgers, Deborah Sagner, Ted Trimpa, Michael Vachon, and Rob Stein.

Why the tie-in to Democracy Alliance (DA) National Conference? The national progressive movement recognizes the role the Hispanic electorate plays in sustaining the efforts made by a variety of organizations. Progressive goals are now inextricably linked to those of the Hispanic movement. Democracia USA which has significant support from DA has engaged the DA in taking the first steps in articulating how to maximize this historic opportunity. Although the Encuentro and the DA Conference have their own distinct goals, this tie-in will allow opportunity for key players to network and develop linkages that will optimistically lead to effective partnerships in a national progressive agenda.

Encuentro Goals:

  • To continue the historic benefits of the Encuentro by bringing Latino leaders together to build intra-Hispanic relationships and develop solutions for relative Latino issues of our day;
  • Convene key National Hispanic leaders who will help to develop the vision for a Sustainable National Progressive Hispanic Future;
  • Delineate the magnitude of the infrastructure and investment needed to achieve vision;
  • Assess current strengths, potential growth, challenges, in order to develop action steps and recommendations to further vision;
  • And of course…. TO HAVE FUN!!

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